Warmer Temps

A short post tonight because it’s 11:38pm.

Nice end to our cold & wet weekend today, even though it didn’t really end until Monday evening.  A cluster of thunderstorms developed over the preferred Columbia River corridor, dropping lightning strikes into Parkrose, Fairview, Camas, Troutdale and Oxbow Park areas around 4:30 this afternoon.  Troutdale got soaked and hammered with hail.  Sound familiar?  Troutdale seemed to be a hotspot twice last season in the late afternoons too with this thunderstorm/downpours stuff.

Nice ridging the next few days just to our east warms us up, but it’s far enough east to keep the real warm weather in Idaho and Eastern Oregon.  It’s possible we still won’t hit 70 this week.  Either way, enjoy the nice dry spell…Mark

18 Responses to Warmer Temps

  1. Ian says:

    here in longview, the record high for may 4th is 87. 89 for the 3rd, and 99 for the 23rd. even 97 for the 18th.
    it isnt that unusual to get real warm this time of year. heck, tomorrows record high is 85.
    80 wouldnt be too far fetched this time of year. though it is uncommon.
    my b-day is may 8th, and i recall a few years in the 80’s. but we still have a ways to go till we get that warm, at least judging by this past winter and so far this spring.
    oh, and Derek… moving your thermo to a open area is ideal, but finding a way to do that, and keep it protected from the suns heat is not easy. i have mine next to a downspout that is on a 4×4 post about 10 feet from the house, its not far from the overhang, but it seems to do fine. maybe mark needs to chime in on this issue, cause i notice that at my parents house, the news will say longview is at 90 and my thermo says 84 or something. its on the inside of a post on the north wall. maybe if it was sun protected ont he south facing wall it may read higher from reflected heat off the ground?

  2. Justin says:

    I remember April of 1998 we hit 91 here. The GFS is often more sensible than the NAM, and May 4th is still more than two weeks out. I’d say mid 70’s are probable by the end of the month however.

  3. Derek Hodges says:

    My low probably was lower than 35.8, I just have to find a good place for my thermo. Wouldn’t surprise me if we were to hit 35-39 tonight.

  4. alex says:

    57.9 right now i wonder if were going to get in the 30s like this morning i had a low of 34.7

  5. Derek Hodges says:

    maybe, I wonder if that would be a record at that time of the year. But don’t worry about it, it will go away.

  6. alex says:

    i belive they typed wrong more like 78

  7. Derek Hodges says:

    http://wxweb.meteostar.com/sample/sample.shtml?text=KTTD Its bound to change but check it yourself, again, I believe it was May 4th

  8. alex says:

    were going to get a high of 87 derek are you kidding???

  9. Derek Hodges says:

    Earlier I posted a link, on May 4th I think, it has us as 87, that wouldn’t feel good. Does the GFS go from predicting way to cold to way to warm?

  10. Derek Hodges says:

    Thanks Ian, I have my thermo attached to a pipe on my house..So for the winter months I should probably move it somewhere else then, more open.

  11. Ian says:

    Was cold here this morning, I believe 35.8. Had to scrape though and the roof was white. Can that happen when its above freezing?
    in past experiences, i have had temp readings of 35 or so, but grass that is in the middle of the yard will be crunchy, and ice will form on car roofs. i believe this is beacause heat is trapped in small microclimates in yards and such, and thermometers near houses and under trees, under roof overhangs and such dont always give the most accurate readings. the heat escaping “bounces off” these objects and is reflected back down. imay be wrong, but i believe that is the explanation.

  12. Derek Hodges says:

    Was cold here this morning, I believe 35.8. Had to scrape though and the roof was white. Can that happen when its above freezing? Anyway feels GREAT outside. AHH!! I love the sunshine after winter. Hey Ryan except for yesterday, when I finally got some storms, for weeks before I had been getting jipped and missing out. It was rediculous. Hoping for some more storms after a nice warm week.

  13. -100F says:

    No radar 😦 Can’t see whats coming our way, doesnt look like anything anyway lol

  14. Ryan says:

    I was dissapointed it was so foggy this morning. I had planned on riding my bike into work. The nice thing about spring and summer is that it lets me use pedal power 3 days a week keeping the gas bills down and getting my doughy self some exercise.

  15. Ryan says:

    I have got to move north or east or northeast! I’m covinced that Vancouver has develop a rare phenonenom known as a weather bubble. This invisible sphere drives incoming storms to the south and north of the city while sucking the only clear spot in the stormy sky right over Vancouver. For the last two weeks it seemed like ALL the big cells rolled just to the north, south, east, or west of Vancouver. Argh!

  16. alex says:

    me to its really chilly ot their 35.6 at 7:35 am

  17. Ian says:

    well, i for one, am happy we are gonna get drier and warmer. as exciting as this past weekend was, i think weve had enough during the winter. give us a break, and let us enjoy some warm sunny weather. maybe we can finally get the boat out.

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