Warmer Temps

April 17, 2006

A short post tonight because it’s 11:38pm.

Nice end to our cold & wet weekend today, even though it didn’t really end until Monday evening.  A cluster of thunderstorms developed over the preferred Columbia River corridor, dropping lightning strikes into Parkrose, Fairview, Camas, Troutdale and Oxbow Park areas around 4:30 this afternoon.  Troutdale got soaked and hammered with hail.  Sound familiar?  Troutdale seemed to be a hotspot twice last season in the late afternoons too with this thunderstorm/downpours stuff.

Nice ridging the next few days just to our east warms us up, but it’s far enough east to keep the real warm weather in Idaho and Eastern Oregon.  It’s possible we still won’t hit 70 this week.  Either way, enjoy the nice dry spell…Mark