Tough Forecast Again

April 6, 2006

Lots of variables in tomorrow’s forecast.

First the temperature:  Staying with the 70 degree forecast.  If the clouds are too thick, we stay near 66, if the clouds thin out quickly and we turn mostly sunny, we could hit 73.  Offshore flow is beginning this evening, a very good sign.  The pressure gradient through the Gorge has just turned flat at 10pm after being westerly all day.

Then the rain:  00z models look slightly wetter by tomorrow evening.  Past experience tells me this is a possible thunderstorm pattern with the diffluent southeasterly flow and plenty of moisture.  BUT, no model shows a good chance for thunder and lifted indexes stay above zero.  Of course remember that yesterday’s thunder was with a lifted index around +3

Either way, enjoy the warm weather tomorrow since the trough and it’s cool showers are definitely back by daybreak Saturday.