Feeling Like Spring!

April 3, 2006

Maps tonight are looking a bit drier.  Not totally dry, but it’s going to be tough to get anything other than "a shower" until late Friday.  As I mentioned in the evening broadcasts, most energy is headed into California the next few days.  Showers pop up over and east of the Cascades, but with southerly flow it’ll be tough to get them west of the Cascades.

The lack of moisture and strong April sun should warm us above normal through Friday.  IF the Friday system holds off and we have offshore flow then (as progged), we could see our first 70 degree day at PDX.

This doesn’t appear to be a big break from our "troughy" pattern the last few weeks.  We’re just getting lucky in that the trough the next 3 days sits just offshore instead of moving in over us.   And there is no sign of any significant ridging over the Northwest.  This time of year a ridge would easily push us well into the 70’s.

Enjoy the well-deserved "dry spell" the next few days, you can finally get out and work outside and not get stuck in the muck!