Another Busy Evening

March 31, 2006

Morning sunshine really helped to destabilize things this afternoon as the conveyor belt of moisture from the south continued.  So showers and thunderstorms popped up.  Most intense was a complex of showers that developed east of Silverton, move up through Estacada, Sandy, and NE towards Cascade Locks & Hood River.  A 2nd "blob" of showers consolidated nicely this evening and really soaked the Columbia River corridor from Portland to Longview.

We should avoid heavy downpours and thunder tomorrow since this most recent upper-level low will be moving off to the east.  But it’s Spring and another one is nipping at it’s heels.  Models say the cold front should actually hold together and arrive with solid rain Sunday morning.  Either way a wet weekend.  Not good for yard work or rain-free outdoor activities.

By the way, I showed a graphic of Hawaii rainfall this evening and perpetuated one Hawaiian Urban "Rainfall" Legend.  Mt. Waialeale is not actually the wettest place on earth.  It’s in India, but they are quite close…about 460" per year.  Go to this great article from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin for the details…interesting article.

And if you’re interested in more about Hawaii’s incredible 6 weeks of rain, check this out:

Stay dry this weekend!  Mark