More Cold Showers

March 30, 2006

Radar scope (actually there is no scope, but it sounds like I’m on a submarine if I say that) really lit up around 5:00pm today.  Nice line of thunderstorms moved through McMinnville-Newberg corridor, producing 5-8 cloud-ground lightning strikes and heavy rain.  But the strongest cell I’ve seen since last summer developed soon after just west of Forest Grove then moved north across Highways 6 & 26 near Timber.  Lots of strikes and probably hail with that one.  But then it was all over by 6:30pm.

Unstable southerly flow continues tomorrow, and our model here (a WRF model) shows more breaks in the cloud cover for better heating.  That may give us more widespread thunderstorm activity.  Lifted Index is still a nice zero or slightly under.  CAPE on the 00z MM5 from UW is not too impressive, so I doubt it’ll get too wild, but it’s a nice pattern for afternoon spring storms.

By the way, when we do have good storms in the region and a weathercaster is "in the house" (in the weathercenter), keep watching this link:

we call it the KPTV FLOATER image, it’s just a snapshot of our radar screen.  Of course other times it’ll show absolutely nothing, but always check it out if you know we are here watching storms develop.