An Old Friend Returns

March 29, 2006

All is well with the world this evening.  A solar eclipse and then…the Portland WSR-88D radar is back in operation.  I don’t like having spring showers & thunderstorms with my 11 year old friend not working.  Good job National Weather Service getting that back up and working ahead of schedule today!

Looks like next upper-trough approaching quickly tonight, taking the "dive-south" route towards California.  Showers likely tomorrow, then Friday should be quite a bit more convective as Lifted Index goes to zero or slightly below.

Then a 2nd trough dives in for Monday-Wednesday.  Bottom line is active weather some days, slow and gray others, and no stretch of warm 65 degree or warmer weather.  We have been spoiled the last 3 years with 2-6 days of 70 degree temps in March.  We had none this year.

I have Sunday dry in the 7 Day forecast, but GFS does NOT agree.  May need to put showers back in on Thursday night’s broadcast.