Location Is Everything

March 23, 2006

If you were looking for a warm day today, you had to be in the right spots.  Specifically, we had lots of very warm air overhead, but it only "mixed down" in a few areas.  At 1,800′ on top of our transmission tower in the West Hills, the temperature sat at 62 degrees this afternoon.  That usually would equate to 68-70 down in the city.  East winds out of the Gorge brought those windy spots up into the 60-62 degree range.  But the real warm areas were the towns where a light easterly wind off the Cascades prevailed.  Battleground, Hockinson, Sandy, Estacada, Brightwood.  As you can see in the map below, 65-68 was common in those areas.  IF a southerly wind had developed on schedule (see yesterday’s blog), and we had just 2 hours of hazy sunshine instead of solid cloud cover, I think most of us would have seen 70 degrees today around the metro area.  Notice the calm wind spots (Hillsboro, McMinnville, Aurora) stayed below 60.Snapshot_5

Tonight’s cold front is VERY slowly moving inland, evidenced by the cooler Coastal temps, but there’s another wave moving north along it which will prolong/renew the rainband later tonight and into the morning hours.  One more wave comes through Friday night.

A cool & showery weekend then in store since we will be in the chilly post-frontal airmass.  A brief break Monday, then back to more wet stuff next week.  GFS keeps trying for a drier-warmer pattern, but notice it keeps getting put off a day?  Kind of like arctic air in wintertime eh?

By the way, folks from McMinnville can relax.  For a couple years we’ve been getting nasty emails from some of you since our radar maps have displayed it as Mcminnville.  Apparently capitalizing the 2nd "M" is a civic pride issue.  On the map to the right we minimize the "C" to keep everyone happy as well.  Either way it’s fixed now with a software upgrade…so now there’s no need to throw objects at your TV in anger (some said they actually did that!).