Active Afternoon, Slower Weekend

Pretty busy afternoon with heavy showers popping up through the cold air above.  A few little "anvil-tops" moving through give us brief bursts of heavy rain and hail.  Only 1 lightning strike near the metro area so far this afternoon (as of 4:15pm), just west of Yacolt around 1:30pm.  As mentioned below though, we often see this sort of activity peak out around sunset or just before.  This is also the pattern where we tend to see heaviest showers east side of town.  Part of that is due to the airstream "feeling" the lifting of the Cascade foothills before it actually gets there.  So Battleground, Camas, Troutdale, Gresham, Sandy, Estacada areas often get dumped on by late afternoon in this setup.

With the loss of daytime heating, showers quickly collapse after sunset…there’s no good dynamics to keep them going after that time.   One more weak disturbance drops south through Western Washington Saturday afternoon, which will probably set off a few showers over the mountains, but most likely we are done with rain for a few days (finally!).

Looks like a new trough developing way out in the Gulf of Alaska will split with most energy curling south into California Monday.  We haven’t seen much of this pattern in the last few months.  Remember this was almost constant last winter (2004-2005), leading to very little rain here.

Another trough moves much closer to us midweek, which brings rain back into the forecast.

Even though we warm up a bit the next few days, I still don’t see anything that could get our temperature up to 65 or warmer.  Do you realize we haven’t even seen 60 yet in Portland this late winter/early Spring?  Strange.  I’m going to check out the record books and see if our first 60 degree temp has been this late in recent years.   Enjoy the weekend…Mark

411 Responses to Active Afternoon, Slower Weekend

  1. -100F says:

    Wow 67 next tuesday. Im ready for some of this weather…

  2. Josh"The Snowman" says:

    Hey Justin, at the least we are all building a comraderie here. Fun place to come and talk to like-minded individuals. Speaking of, Derek must be doing something really busy, I can’t believe he’s stayed away this long. Hmmm, maybe he got a new girlfriend or something. Chicks dig weather geeks!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Justin says:

    Just plain old rain the next few days, but you’re right. We could be ripe for a few T-Storms, nearly had a couple today here. I’m still watching any chancve of a major Pacific storm hitting us, but next thing we’ll know the only topic will be summer heat waves. Spring can be very interesting weatherwise, but sometimes it can be a dud. Hope we can still find things to comment about, not like one of those boards that only posts when there’s talk of snow.

  4. Josh"The Snowman" says:

    Ya, but he must know that it is gonna settle down now. Not much to talk about really is there? I think we could have some uplift with the showers tomorrow, maybe some isolated Tstorms? That’ll give us something to talk about. Mark hasn’t posted his own update for a while, maybe he is busy because the weather might become active, who knows.

  5. Justin says:

    BTW, Mark must not be too impressed either. Its been awhile since we’ve gone so long without a new blog.

  6. Justin says:

    There’s been some heavy rain here, the next few storms look good. Need to check the GFS again but I don’t trust it with anything more than 5 days out. Winter’s long gone, the trees are now getting a chance to bud up, but I think it’ll still be below average until next week.

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