He’s Back!

March 13, 2006

That would be me of course…Drew needed some time off after that exhausting week!  Sorry for the delay this evening, but vacation is slowly wearing off apparently.

Nice cold trough offshore this evening, several lightning strikes off of North Bend and Brookings, they will see some flashing down there tonight.

We are moving into the time of year (warm season) when inland lightning becomes more common than coastal or offshore lightning.  That’s because we start to get warmer (slightly) days while the atmosphere overhead is just as cold as wintertime.  That makes airmasses more unstable than just one month ago.  Of course once we get closer to May, the strong sunshine heats the lower atmosphere much better and then that instability brings the thunderstorms.

Either way Tuesday should be an active weather day assuming we get plenty of sunbreaks inbetween the showers.

Long term:  Models (00z Canadian, GFS, 12z ECMWF) are hinting at at least brief ridging the beginning of next week.  That would bring us our first 60 degree weather of the season!  A bit late, but not unheard of.  Usually by the 18th of March we have had a run of 60+ degree weather with maybe a 70 thrown in.  Not this year!