Snow Totals

We’d like to see your snow totals from the recent March snow.  In the comments, include your location, elevation, when you measured (or guestimated), and the on-the-ground total.

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25 Responses to Snow Totals

  1. Mark Nelsen says:

    Near Corbett, 1000′
    Thursday AM: ??? (couldnt’ have been much)
    Friday AM: 3.5″
    Saturday AM: 0″
    Sunday AM: 1.5″

  2. Linda Chan says:

    Hockinson, WA
    Elev. 1170
    3/11/06 – 4 inches of snow fell between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm
    3/8/06 into 3/9/06 – 5.5 inches
    A lot of the first snow had melted off by Saturday afternoon so last night was a big treat. We built a huge snowman today.

  3. Jim says:

    Highland/Beavercreek 1135′
    8.5″ Wednesday night-Thurday Morning
    3″ Thursday Night – Friday.
    Non sticking showers friday night
    3″ Saturday overnight.
    45 degrees sunday at 2:30

  4. vernonia2 says:

    Snow at 2″ in Vernonia at 9:50 pm. Very fine snow comming down now.

  5. Woodford says:

    Took the 4×4 up above Silver Falls State park to 2600′ elevation (GPS measured). Just before we got stuck, we measured about 18″. Keep in mind this was Saturday at about noon so I’m sure a few inches melted off. We got unstuck and we are home now and my hands are finally warming up!

  6. Tyler says:

    I received a total of 2.2″ of snow during the event. Highest amount on the ground was 1.1″ early Thursday morning. Measured during peak snow before it settled and/or melted.
    Tyler Mode
    Vancouver, 276′

  7. Jeff says:

    Thursday night in Woodburn, snow was sticking.. around 1/2 inch or so.. But I do know I had to use a broom to wipe snow of the satalite dish 3 times, because it was interfering with my reception…

  8. Anuhea says:

    800′ in Boring on the west side of a hill: about 2″… we still have some on the ground. It snowed hard Thursday all day just about, then almost melted; then more snow started falling around midnite. We had another inch on Friday morning.

  9. Ryan says:

    Near Vancouver Mall we had about a 1/2″ of snow on Thursday morning. Overnight thursday we got a dusting but it melted off when the snow moved out of the area. Nothing last night but it was icy this morning.

  10. Mat says:

    33rd and Alberta, snow was in the air last few days but no real accumulation here, just lots of it in air. 9:08 right now and ice just melted off my car

  11. Bernice says:

    Here in Venesborg just east of BattleGround we had about 8 inches of snow on Friday. We are at about 1500 feet. By Saturday morning the snow has melted down to about 4 or 5 inches, still enough to do a little sleding or have a snowball fight.

  12. Peter says:

    12-16″ up here near the top of Bald Peak (Chehalem Ridge) 1500ft. Currently 30 degrees with clear skies (and a bright moon!) so everything is refreezing overnight.

  13. Kirk says:

    North of Camas Washougal at 1000ft I would say 9 inches total. A lot of it still on the ground the road is clear because they kept it plowed. Most of the snow has fallen out of the trees here also. It is 32deg and icy now.

  14. Ben says:

    There was about 7 1/2 inches of snow at mountain park, 980 feet.
    At 475 feet about 5 inches. Very good quality snow.
    Lots of fun!

  15. Andrew says:

    5 inches at the 900 foot level of the west hills for a total. Also a good friend of mine who lives out on skyline at about the 1200 foot level measured 8 1/2 inches.

  16. j.r. says:

    2 inches on hood of car – thursday morning
    .5 inches on hood of car – friday morning
    clackamas 600 feet

  17. David Willis says:

    Yacolt Mt rd Yacolt Wa elv 1700 ft
    18-24 in so much for a few inches we have been plowing driveways non stop

  18. max says:

    Trace to 0 in Fairview/Troutdale area.
    Pretty disappointing. Not surprising though as the east side’s best winter storms usually have a cold east wind.

  19. alex says:

    1.75 for total in gresham at 350′ melted 😦

  20. Michael says:

    Total 4 inches in Damascus at 594 feet
    2 wed night-thu morning
    .5 thu night- melted
    1.5 fri morning
    All gone now 😦

  21. Justin says:

    2.5 inches in Brush Prairie and thanks for everything Drew!
    I think I may have been a little trigger happy after Wednesday’s surprise snow. I honestly thought that we had a chance of 3 or so more inches last night, but the moisture died out fast, and by this afternoon it was simply too warm.
    So the blog’s forecast Tuesaday, of no more than 3 inches for us, was pretty accurate in retrospect.

  22. Sandi says:

    Wilsonville at 151′ elevation:
    Total 1.5 inches on Thursday:
    Thursday morning snowfall 4 am to approx. 6:30 am = 1 inch snow. Enough for a great neighborhood snowball fight and a snowman.
    Thursday during the day it went back and forth between snow, rain and rain/snow mix. No additional accumulation.
    Thursday evening snowfall about 1/2 inch sticking.
    Friday off and on snow, rain, and rain/snow mix but no accumulation.
    Currently, experiencing light sleet.

  23. -100F says:

    240FT Beaverton
    Total of 1.7 inches of snow
    .75 inches of graupel
    Not bad at all for a March winter snow storm.

  24. Derek Hodges says:

    1/2 inch at one point
    Traces at other times.
    1/3 of sleet and then graupel later (I mention that since it was part of this whole deal, and snow was mixed in)
    300ft elevation

  25. Jake says:


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