Snow Totals

March 10, 2006

We’d like to see your snow totals from the recent March snow.  In the comments, include your location, elevation, when you measured (or guestimated), and the on-the-ground total.

Please keep the comments specific to this topic… irrelevant comments will be removed.  Thanks!

Time for a Break

March 10, 2006

Things are winding down with the weather… and I must admit, that’s welcome news.

Showers are still scattered about, and just as I expected (with the atmosphere so unstable), many of those showers are heavy… with hail, lightning & thunder, and even some snow yet still.  I noticed some of you have commented about "big, round, nickel-sized hail/snow pellets" that explode when they hit the ground.  That’s called graupel… or pellets of ice created when supercooled water droplets coat, or rime, a snowflake. The pellets are cloudy or white, not clear like sleet, and often are mistaken for hail.  Graupel "splats" instead of bounces when it hits the ground.  It’s common in these types of weather situations.

Overnight, the showers will collapse… and watch for icy roads in the morning as temperatures plunge to or below freezing.  Tomorrow afternoon looks to be a lot like this afternoon… except maybe a couple degrees warmer.

I am working through the weekend (evenings only, thankfully)… and then Mark will be back with you all on Monday.  Thanks for all your enthusiasm this week…  I appreciate all the support.  And the detailed weather reports many of you submitted were very helpful.  Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with how things turned out… but I’m pretty tired.

I’ll still be doing TV stuff tonight and through the weekend, but I’m passing the blogging duties back over to Mark… he’ll resume posting later this weekend or early next week.

– Drew J