Wind & Cold

February 10, 2006

Another exciting Friday now with good weather and good shows on TV (BSG of course).

Very impressive downslope windstorm is slowly waning tonight.  Rumor says there were some spots with gusts near 70 mph in Camas.  I know it hit 65 mph at the top of the West Hills.  Peak gust at PDX was 56 mph, strongest since the January 2000 windstorm.

A quiet weekend (and Monday) in store for us.

Now, what everyone wants to know…what about next week?

Well, I just adjusted my 7 Day based on the 00z Canadian, 00z GFS, and 00z ETA.  Of course as mentioned (frequently) the GFS is horrible at this stuff beyond 7 days, but now we’re watching the 4-6 day period and all the models have some sort of northerly flow developing.  Looks like a sharp, but not too wet, cold front moves through Monday night.  We are left with a cold & mainly dry airmass Tuesday and Wednesday.  00z GFS & Canadian give us a good blast of arctic air the end of next week.  We’ll see about that, but it seems prudent to lower temps quite a bit starting Tuesday.  As for snow, I still don’t see a good setup, unless we get some sort of development offshore (which sometimes happens with only a few days notice).  This could just end up being a late season cold & dry blast.  Also, this time of year, even if we drop to 15 in the outlying areas at night, temperatures still make it up to 40 during the day because of the stronger sunshine and longer days.

Should be interesting to watch though eh?  Have a good weekend and enjoy the last of the mild weather for awhile…Now discuss amongst yourselves.