Feels Like March

February 7, 2006

* Note…if you folks can play nice, we’ll keep the comments unapproved and see what happens.  Up until tonight we’ve had to approve comments before they show up here. This should allow a freer flow of ideas, provided we all behave…Mark

Now back to weather…I’m really enjoying our nice weather and it looks as if it’ll continue all the way through the weekend.  There will be one significant change for Thursday-Friday.  A dying storm falls apart over us tomorrow, but behind it strong Canadian high pressure drops south.  This should give us our strongest Gorge/Easterly winds since before Christmas.  Temperatures will only cool slightly with the increasing February sunshine beating the cold air back.  Then another system tries to run into the ridge over us this weekend.  I doubt that will have much success either.

As for colder weather next week…very mixed messages.  All models still agree on some sort of retrogression of the key features over the U.S. (the western ridge moves out over the Pacific and the eastern trough moves back to the west).  But each model does things differently.  Maybe most disturbing (if you want a late season blast of cold air) is the new 00z Canadian and 00z GFS.  They both keep the ridge a little closer, which never allows real cold air into the Northwest U.S.   And the GFS more or less keeps us mainly dry next week too.  Makes me wonder if we will just end up with more ridging.

I should clarify that we CAN get cold air later in the season, but it’s EXTREMELY rare.  The poster below mentioned early March 1960.  That WAS an impressive cold snap, I had missed that one.  Wow! I see Troutdale for 3 days had highs of something like 28-34.  Salem stayed in the lower 30s with snow.