A Nice Break This Week

February 6, 2006

I started feeling a bit older this weekend for 2 reasons:

1.  Another spring is quickly approaching as I approach 40.

2.  I now own a minivan…which I thought wouldn’t happen until I turned 40 or so.

But, let’s move on, weather watching still makes me feel like a kid…looks like high pressure will hold strong over the Northwest through the early part of next week.  That means a period of sunny skies, warm days, and cool nights.  We often get cold & annoying easterly winds out of the Gorge in this pattern in wintertime (actually more than often, about 95% of the time!).  In this case though the wind won’t be too strong until Thursday & Friday.

Now, for you Arctic Air friends…models the last 2 days have increasingly been pointing towards a retrogression of upper-air features over the North Pacific and North America just beyond the 7 day period.  So how do you feel about "retrogression"?  Well basically it just means things sort of "back up" overhead.  The ridge right over the top of us moves well out into the East Pacific, and the cold trough over the middle of the country moves west towards us.  That would put us in some sort of northerly flow (each model is different in the details) after early next week.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have a late season cold blast or snow here in the valleys, but the weather pattern does seem to want to change to at least cooler around Valentine’s Day. 

Remember that we have seen significant snow as late as the 3rd week of February in the last 15 years.  BUT, we’ve never seen a high temperature NOT get above freezing after the 16th.  Basically we can’t stay frozen all day after mid-February.  Now, discuss amongst yourselves!…Mark