One Last Storm Update

I just perused all the 00z model data (as of 8:30pm).  Everything is on track for a windy night and Saturday morning across the region.  BUT, it doesn’t look like a major windstorm, except at the Coast.
I think peak gusts may hit 90mph in a few spots at the coast, but at best only 50 mph in the western valleys.  Why?
1.  00z models are slightly looser with the pressure gradient from Eugene-Olympia
2.  Low has reached maximum intensity and will begin to weaken (fill) over the next 12 hours
3.  Satellite seems to show a landfall slightly farther north than 12z runs (more like N. Vancouver Island)
4.  00z ETA/NGM/MM5 show that landfall as well.

So this should be just a touch stronger than our little weather surprises on Christmas & New Year’s Day.

We’ll be starting coverage at 5am on GDO Saturday here at FOX-12, including Stephanie and Me.  See you then!

One Response to One Last Storm Update

  1. JN says:

    Hi Mark,
    I don’t care much for wind and rain, and am looking forword to our sunny week ahead. I know it’s to soon to get serious, but twenty’s or even teen’s in the long range models? A due point near 0? possible precipitation? And just a day or two off the 7-Day? I know, Iknow, I soulden’t get excited and usually I don’t. I haven’t seen this type of set-up though all winter. A possible, true, modified arctic air mass; Is it possible? I can remember way back, when sometimes these H pressers would back off shore and give us a northerly flow in the jet stream. I know it’s a long way off, but maby???

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