Bombs & Sun

February 1, 2006

Nice break today, but just a tease of what’s coming next week.

Shortwave moving onto the coastline at 10pm, will be well east of here by daybreak.  Then we wait for a "bomb" to develop offshore Friday.  So what’s a "bomb"?

A meteorological bomb is basically a deep low pressure area that strengthens rapidly, often associated with damaging winds here in the Pacific Northwest.   To be a "bomb", the central pressure must fall at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.  Of course if that occurs close to the coastline, it would produce widespread damaging winds here in the Northwest, but for Friday models develop the system far offshore.  It needs to be watched, but for now I’m not concerned.

That will be the last system we see for quite awhile.  ALL models shows blocking ridging developing Sunday-Monday right on the West Coast.  They also all show it lasting in one form or another all the way through next week.  We’re headed back into blue skies, gusty east winds in the Gorge and Metro area, and warm mountains…very nice February weather ahead…Mark