Surprise Snow!

Sticking snow fell around 2-3pm down to at least 1,100′ in the metro area this afternoon.  A classic example of "evaporative cooling".  A dry and cool airmass from the last storm leftover, then moisture from today’s system begins falling into that dry air.  The rain drops evaporate, which takes heat out of the air.  So the temperature falls.  Notice at PDX the temp fell from 47 to 40 from noon to 2pm.  Then as the atmosphere gets saturated we "bottom out".  So as of 4:30pm temps are beginning to rise again.  Snow threat is over and now it’s on to the heavy rain and strong south wind this evening.  Gusts to 40 mph are likely with or just ahead of the cold front passing through around midnight.

Another weak system Thursday, then a rainy one later Friday-Saturday.  What I’m really excited about is a big ridge forecast now by all models beginning Sunday-Monday and continuing through next week.  I can’t wait for the dry and sunny weather!

7 Responses to Surprise Snow!

  1. alex says:

    my temp right now on october 30th 2006 2:15-2:16pm is 46.8 i don’t think i will get above 50 today i did have freezing fog and got down to 27.9 frost covered everything well alomost everything. drew closed the newest storys i 2006 because of some stupid argument if they didn’t have messed around (imposters) i would be posting on the new ones.

  2. Ryan says:

    Here in Vancouver right around Vancouver Mall we had plenty of ice pellets mixed into the rain drops. I heard that out in eastern Vancouver they had some actual snowflakes falling for a little while.

  3. Timmy says:

    crazy stuff

  4. Timmy says:

    i went up to skyline to take my sis to horse lessons, and there was at least 2 inches of snow at the top of rocky point rd. and it was windy with heavy snow!!! i was caught off guard, i had been wataching the weather all day with no indication of this!

  5. Timmy says:

    Yeah i was suprised when i took my sister to horse lessons up on skyline road. there was at least 2 inches of snow on the road!!! and it was like a blizzard with about 15-20 mph winds and heavy snow! it was challenging to drive in, but i made it. i live in scappoose and i guess it snowed there for about 5 mins at 4:00 pm. very suprising, interesting set up!

  6. Derek says:

    I couldn’t believe it but even at my house, which I have estimated at about 350 feet there was for a short period of time, more snow than rain. Of course not even close to sticking on anything more than the windshield for two or three seconds. The temperature rapidly feel from 40’s something to 37. Enough to excite me for a minute haha, oh well it was nice while it lasted. One other quick note, that storm sunday night into monday morning was the second strongest I have seen this year. It didn’t cause the same amount of damage as the others because they have been thinned out from all the other wind events. Even with this there were numerous three foot branches. I think it gusted into the 50mph range a few times.

  7. Ian says:

    well, up here in Longview, im at maybe 100 feet in elevation or so, and noticed the temp falling throughout the day. been at about 39 or so for the last couple hours. while at this level we didnt see any true snow, i have observed SOME snowflakes mixing in. im sure the hills up the road (im at the bottom) which are up to about 750′ got some sort of snow. if i wasnt watching my sisters daughter id drive up there and see. oh well.

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