Endless Rain and Wankers Corner

Just like the perfect summer weather we get in July and August, it seems like our rainy weather does not want to stop.  A brief break this evening appears to be VERY brief.  Next plume of moisture is being pushed along by a fast Pacific Jet, much like a slug ready to pounce on it’s prey!  That seemed appropriate considering the satellite looper.

I don’t expect a recurrence of widespread flooding for 2 reasons:  First, snow levels only briefly rise to 5000′ Tuesday night, but are near 3000′ tomorrow and Wednesday.  That means minimal snowmelt to add to rivers.  And the period of heavy rain should be brief, confined to Tuesday PM through about midnight or so.  Maybe 2-3" in the Coast Range and up to 1" only in the Metro area.

Next weaker system moves through Wednesday night, then a stronger storm, but still not too wild for Friday PM-Saturday AM.  00z models say we MAY finally get ridging after that time for some February sunshine…Could it be?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Remember 4-5 days ago we were forecasting drying at the end of this week.

Is there still time for a cold snap here?  Or snow in Portland?  Yes, but no sign of it in the maps.  3 weeks from now we’ll be done with the threat of severe cold.  And that leaves us with only about 3 weeks to get a snowstorm here in Portland too.  I give either of those a small chance of occurring, but who knows?

By the way, some viewers didn’t like my pronunciation of WAYN-KERS CORNER the other night while perusing the LIVE radar on-air.  Apparently it’s generally pronounced as WON-KERS CORNER, not WAYN-KERS (like yankers).  But I did find this link which seems to cast doubt as to who really knows:


Either way, I apologize to anyone that thought I was being obscene.  It’s just that Wanker’s Corner near West Linn and Shorty’s Corner near Sandy are two of my favorite metro area places on the radar map…Mark

2 Responses to Endless Rain and Wankers Corner

  1. Boring Larry says:

    35 degrees with snow mixed in the rain this afternoon at 530ft in Boring….what a tease!!!

  2. Andrew Mork says:

    Getting wet snow at the 500 foot level of the west hills, 2:55pm

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