Still Looking Stormy

January 27, 2006

A double-whammy this weekend.  First system moving through now.  Nice strong jet stream support and plentiful moisture, plus not much of a warm sector with it.  That means lots of rain and ALL snow in the Cascades.  The strong westerly flow behind the storm Saturday is excellent for orographic lift into the mountains.

Sunday’s warm front (and eventually cold front by late Sunday night) is carrying subtropical moisture.  So another 2" of rain in Portland is quite possible Sunday-Monday.

By the way, Fairbanks had a high of -43 today and a low of -51.  Many of you have asked if that means the cold air will eventually move south into the Western U.S.A.  If the upper-level flow was forecast to allow this air to move south, of course it would get cold here.  But no models this evening support arctic air entering ANYWHERE in the continental U.S. in the next 7 days.

The wet pattern continues through at least the middle of next week too. Stay warm and dry this weekend…Mark