Nice While It Lasted

First, the most serious business of the day…sunny and warm!  58 at PDX today under mild easterly winds was the warmest since our Christmas Morning surprise wind.  Other than that day it was our warmest since mid-November.  Speaking of wind, the PDX-DLS gradient was quite a bit stronger than expected too.  Up around 9 millibars gave us 40 mph wind gusts in Troutdale and around 60 at the west end of the Gorge.  But it was a one day deal, it’ll be gone by Wednesday PM.

The sun/warmth was nice while it lasted…reminded me of those weeks of warm sun last February and early March.  But 2-3 days is the best we can do this winter.  All models show a change back into strong zonal flow by Thursday.  It continues for at least a week.  Long, Long range maps beyond that seem to be hinting at maybe some ridging, but that’s a long way off.

So the one thing really sticks out on the maps this evening?..Very Wet!  The rain coming up tomorrow and Thursday won’t be heavy at all, maybe .50" between the 2 days.  But GFS text output shows several inches of rain from Friday-Monday.  This could easily put us right back into flooding problems since I notice all the temporary "lakes" on the way to work haven’t dropped down at all.  Lots of water still stuck in the ground eh?

Add 3" to our 7.70" monthly rain so far and this will be our first 10" rainfall month at PDX in a long time!

Oh, and I did check for the daffodils today, couldn’t find them, but I live in a cooler spot at 1000′ so everything runs behind gardening-wise.

3 Responses to Nice While It Lasted

  1. Michael says:

    Steve, the words “zonal flow” are the kiss of death to any chance of Arctic air in the northwest, unfortunately.

  2. John_in_Corbett says:

    Sounds like wet to me…enough with the artic air! Let spring begin! Jumping the gun? hehe… probably.

  3. steve says:

    so, if I was, say, for example, one of those artic nuts who keep hanging on your every word to hear if artic weather just might make a return to the area, would “zonal flow” be something I’m excited about?

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