A Taste of Spring?

Alright, after a little detour to a ski area I’m back at work this week.  Sorry for the outage but I had no computer access the last half of last week.  I AM still alive.

Very nice day today wasn’t it?  Remember last January and February when this went on for weeks and weeks?  That’s not the case this winter.  Ridging tomorrow overhead (and moving off to the east) should push some light easterly winds down the Gorge and help us clear out for one last sunny day.

Then it’s back to the slop starting midday Wednesday or so.  Quite a westerly flow from Thursday-Monday of next week.  Looks pretty solid much of that time with maybe another 2" of rainfall.  That would put us up close to 10" for the month at PDX.

I HAVE noticed the ETA 12 & 00z text output shows the snow level below 1000′ Thursday, but I’ve also noticed in the past that it usually jumps up just a bit as we approach "the event".  So, chilly Thursday, but any snow showers stay above 1000′.

Looking ahead past next Monday?  I sure don’t see any chance for arctic air or low snow levels in the Northwest.  January will definitely go down as a very mild and wet month.  And at least the first few days of February look very mild too.

So are we done with the chance for a big arctic blast or PDX snow?  Not quite yet.  We still have about a 3 week window for cold weather here.  As I’ve mentioned before, we keep on guard until about mid February.   But the daffodils and tulips will be poking out of the ground soon!

4 Responses to A Taste of Spring?

  1. Ryan says:

    I’ve noticed the tulips have come up infront of my house.

  2. Laura says:

    I am so glad you are back, I was concerned that you had disappeared to another lucky station. Thanks for the great information and weather comments for all of us weather geeks.

  3. Liz says:

    I never complain about the rain. Don’t get me wrong, the sun is very nice, but never complain about the rain for several reasons. If it didn’t rain here it wouldn’t be so beautiful. But the biggest reason is that we should be thankful that we don’t live in a place like Colorado where it could snowing sideways with a windchill of 50 below and your pumping your own gas!

  4. Jack Bog says:

    Don’t look now, baby, but the daffies are already way up.

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