Still Wet

January 12, 2006

A shorter post tonight…I’ve been getting a bit wordy lately.

Two main features tonight.  A nice little break coming up after Friday’s system.  We get 2, yes 2, days of showers & sunbreaks over the weekend.  850 mb temps fall down to -5 or even -6 Saturday night and Sunday AM.  That will easily bring snow down below 2000′.  Possibly as low as 1000′, but moisture supply will be going downhill by Sunday AM.  Then it’s back to a wetter westerly flow next week.

Notice the last 2 days of GFS have steadily gone away from any sort of cold air setup.  What a surprise!  It’s so unreliable in the long range, but I think the GFS has done a stellar job this winter in the 1-5 day timeframe.  So for you snow lovers, I don’t see any good pattern for arctic air or even real cold maritime airmasses to move into the Northwest.  We’ve got about 4-5 weeks left in which we could get a good cold air outbreak this winter.

Try to stay dry…Mark