8:00pm…Windstorm Tonight?

I can’t believe it, I just composed a post on a busy weather night and it disappeared!  So let’s try again.

Morning model runs clearly didn’t catch a deeper-than-expected low moving inland over Astoria right now headed for Central Washington.  Similar to a January 1989 windstorm.  Within the next 2 hours as it passes by to the north it’ll be in a perfect spot to pull southerly winds straight up the valley.  Gusts at 8pm reached 39 mph here at our station, 38 at PDX and 36 at TTD.   With the warm airmass and good mixing in place, I think 50 mph gusts are likely 9pm-2am or so.  This may be the strongest wind so far this season in the metro area (at least southerly wind).

5 Responses to 8:00pm…Windstorm Tonight?

  1. Derek says:

    Its only gusted just past 25mph as of yet, I think my wind thing said like 26.6mph or something. As well they seemed to have calmed down but maybe they will kick back up then?? I hope so because I want see something but everybody stay safe because it would be a shame if anybody got hurt or killed.

  2. Lisa & Derick says:

    It has been windy & gusty here in Eagle Creek, OR since about 8pm. The winds have gotten stronger since then. It’s pretty gusty right now. It’s worse than last night and this morning. We didn’t see anything on any news station about any wind. All we heard was no wind tonight. That was completely wrong. Hopefully this wind will end soon. We’ve been out of power since 8:30pm.

  3. Tyler says:

    41 mph wind gust at my house in Vancouver at 8:43 pm tonight. Had a gust to 39 mph around 8. Just some larger tree limbs down and trash cans rolling around, nothing much else…that I can see.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hmmm….thats weird. I live in sw portland in the west hills and am getting 5-10 mph at best here. I wonder what might be blocking the wind from hitting us, last night we had a wind gust here of 43 mph.

  5. Dave Lamb says:

    Strong winds kicked in around 7:30 PM here in NE Portland. A tree toppled into the middle of a nearby street (around NE 47th and Fremont). Very exciting evening, and it will be interesting to see what the peak gusts end up being!

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