11pm…Quick Little Storm

January 10, 2006

Wow, that was fast, and not too wild tonight.  You can see the peak windspeeds below.  I couldn’t find anything above 41 mph.  I’m sure someone had a gust to 50 mph somewhere, but it looks like speeds were a little below what we saw New Year’s and Christmas mornings.  Now the weather slows down for the next 36 hours.   

That will give rivers time to recede a bit.The GFS has been messing around long-term with arctic air or at least cold enough air to bring snow to PDX, but as always it has warmed as we get closer to the "event".  BUT, ECMWF & GEM are falling into line with a series of colder troughs moving through the Northwest next week.  That will bring snow at times below 2000′. 


8:00pm…Windstorm Tonight?

January 10, 2006

I can’t believe it, I just composed a post on a busy weather night and it disappeared!  So let’s try again.

Morning model runs clearly didn’t catch a deeper-than-expected low moving inland over Astoria right now headed for Central Washington.  Similar to a January 1989 windstorm.  Within the next 2 hours as it passes by to the north it’ll be in a perfect spot to pull southerly winds straight up the valley.  Gusts at 8pm reached 39 mph here at our station, 38 at PDX and 36 at TTD.   With the warm airmass and good mixing in place, I think 50 mph gusts are likely 9pm-2am or so.  This may be the strongest wind so far this season in the metro area (at least southerly wind).