Storms, Cylons, & The Plan

One can hardly focus tonight…Battlestar Galactica’s 2nd season returns this evening after a 3 month hiatus.  It’s such a geeky quandry!  Good storms or good-looking Cylons?…hmmm.  I’ll try to muddle through and just record it so I can focus on the task at hand;  predicting the next 7 days worth of weather (and that’s what I get paid to do so I suppose that’s a good reason the other can wait until tomorrow).

It sure does look stormy over the next week.  First the short term.  Our never ending system has been sitting over us all day, and doesn’t want to give up this evening.  This is at the same time a system is pretty quickly racing towards us from the west.  Not much of a break tomorrow morning, so I think it’ll be a raw & wet day.  Better isobar alignment with the valley too (perpendicular), which should give us a breezy south wind day finally.  It’s been trouble getting rid of that east wind lately, but it will end tomorrow.  Strong westerly flow at 850mb behind it sure does look good for heavy Cascade snow and our model here shows some heavy stuff tomorrow evening-Sunday AM.  I’ll go with 12" or so.  Just as I type this a Winter Storm Watch popped up for the Cascades, apparently the NWS folks think so too!

After a brief break Sunday PM-early Monday it’s on with the deluge.  Tuesday-Wednesday should be an easy 2" total here in PDX and 3-5" in the mountains east and west.  Add that to waterlogged soils and slides become a big issue.  I think a 1996 style flood is unlikely…no long and sustained tropical connection and not that much low-level snow.   BUT, I do expect flooding similar to last week’s as I mentioned yesterday.  A break Thursday looks good as an upper-level trough shifts through, but otherwise the plan is for another good old-fashioned VERY WET WEEK with frequent southerly winds.    Speaking of a plan…what is The Plan in that show?  Does it involve the Cylon baby?  Will Commander Cain die?  What about the Pegasus…will it get blown up?  But I digress…see you at 10.

10 Responses to Storms, Cylons, & The Plan

  1. Ben says:

    Has anyone looked at the current GFS run? It shows much colder weather coming our way in about a week and a half. Now I realize that anything that far out is classified as fantasyland and probably won’t verify, but it still gives us snow lovers a glimmer of hope, right?

  2. Geoff says:

    Well I know you get this question alot but what do you think the prognosis is for the middle to end of this month any more snow in Portland?? Also I am considering buying a home “weather station” any recomendations on a brand. I have been considering a Davis weather monitor is this a good one? Thanks for the info and your very accurate forcasting. Your weather blog is AWESOME!! -Geoff

  3. Jesse says:

    Battlestar rocks my world. I wish Farscape was still on SciFridays though.

  4. Kirk says:

    I was surprised by some snow mixing in the rain late sat afternoon. The temp drooped to 38 in a heavy shower around 4:15. We live outside Camas at 1000ft. Still hoping for snow and not just one day I want it to last 3 or 4 days! I know Accuweather is a joke but intellicast and CPC both shifting to a cooler forecast around the 15th. Its funny KOIN channel 6 copies intellicast for there extended forecast on there website. Well I will just brace myself for another let down.

  5. Todd Helton says:

    Just like comedian Brian Posehn says, “Geeks hate it when you get their obsession wrong…”. It’s Admiral Cain, Mark (insert Minnesota accent here) don’tcha know?
    Moving on, we’re bracing for more wet weather in the week ahead. It would be nice to have some dry weather though.

  6. Dan Zeit says:

    Looks to get interesting here in western Oregon starting about mid month. Multiple models seem to be sugesting major cooling in western conus,including pac nw. Perhaps our 2nd flirtation with snow here in the valley about the 17th,and again about the 24th. Way too soon to tell,but bears watching. By your command !

  7. Derek says:

    The south wind finally did kick in. I got my new wind meter up because my last one was broken. So far a gust to 20.8mph. Its a good thing you added that link to the blog because it never lets me in on the link on the bottom of the KPTV page. On the 18z it looks like a high may build in off shore with some cold air definitely filtering in on the east side. Maybe another storm like the one in December could happen if were lucky…and if the computer model is right. Am I right about this??? Is our best risk for an arctic outbreak when a high is off shore a ways so that the cold air plummets south right over us?

  8. ha! Another BSG fan. We are thrilled here at the OMI Anchor Desk that it’s back on; we even got take-out. Spring rolls and Cylons, two great tastes that go great together.

  9. Benjamin Monjay says:

    Want to comment on why Matt Z talked about the exploding weather bouy’s tonight?

  10. Andrew says:

    Heh, i know what you will be doing for the next few months.
    I am watching some of the steeper hills around my home up here in the west hills. The ground is soaked and looks like it could go at any time in many locations. Anyone remember that now famous slide (video played on weather channel often) that took place in the west hills. It came racing down the street with a guy outracing the slide in a pickup truck. I think we could see some slides like this within the next few weeks.

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