Storms, Cylons, & The Plan

January 6, 2006

One can hardly focus tonight…Battlestar Galactica’s 2nd season returns this evening after a 3 month hiatus.  It’s such a geeky quandry!  Good storms or good-looking Cylons?…hmmm.  I’ll try to muddle through and just record it so I can focus on the task at hand;  predicting the next 7 days worth of weather (and that’s what I get paid to do so I suppose that’s a good reason the other can wait until tomorrow).

It sure does look stormy over the next week.  First the short term.  Our never ending system has been sitting over us all day, and doesn’t want to give up this evening.  This is at the same time a system is pretty quickly racing towards us from the west.  Not much of a break tomorrow morning, so I think it’ll be a raw & wet day.  Better isobar alignment with the valley too (perpendicular), which should give us a breezy south wind day finally.  It’s been trouble getting rid of that east wind lately, but it will end tomorrow.  Strong westerly flow at 850mb behind it sure does look good for heavy Cascade snow and our model here shows some heavy stuff tomorrow evening-Sunday AM.  I’ll go with 12" or so.  Just as I type this a Winter Storm Watch popped up for the Cascades, apparently the NWS folks think so too!

After a brief break Sunday PM-early Monday it’s on with the deluge.  Tuesday-Wednesday should be an easy 2" total here in PDX and 3-5" in the mountains east and west.  Add that to waterlogged soils and slides become a big issue.  I think a 1996 style flood is unlikely…no long and sustained tropical connection and not that much low-level snow.   BUT, I do expect flooding similar to last week’s as I mentioned yesterday.  A break Thursday looks good as an upper-level trough shifts through, but otherwise the plan is for another good old-fashioned VERY WET WEEK with frequent southerly winds.    Speaking of a plan…what is The Plan in that show?  Does it involve the Cylon baby?  Will Commander Cain die?  What about the Pegasus…will it get blown up?  But I digress…see you at 10.