Stormy Weather Ahead

January 5, 2006

A bit shorter post today…too many things to catch up on and to be honest, it’s just going to rain every day from here on out for awhile.

Today’s front sitting along the North Coast has a nice tropical connection.  Astoria had 2.40" of rain from 4am-4pm!  At times the rain rate was almost 1/2 inch per hour…that’s intense.  I really feel badly for those folks we reported on last night, their homes were slipping down the hillside in Astoria.  Today sure didn’t help.

All models have a slew of storms moving into the West Coast over the next 7 days.  Strongest systems appear to be Monday-Wednesday time frame.  With a rising freezing level at that time and already saturated ground, flooding is sure to be an issue again.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we get 3-5" here in PDX in the next week, maybe 6-8" in mountains (some as snow).

As I mentioned yesterday, the GFS DID have a colder period around 12-16 days, but that is gone in the 18z run this afternoon.  See?  You shouldn’t be looking at that stuff anyway, it’ll break your heart every time.

Someone asked where to go for maps.  I have a web page where I get just about ALL of my daily information:

I used to have a picture of myself there, but it seemed a bit narcissistic and I’d rather have weather information filling the slot.  Don’t you agree?  Most of the model informatoin is under MODEL COMPARISONS & DETAILED MODEL DATA.