Slower Weather Ahead

December 30, 2005

Looking at models for the weekend and all of next week…I see a slowing down of our weather pattern, and a continuation of mild temperatures.  Looks like in the big picture the Western US ridge is going to attempt a comeback over the next 7-10 days.  Not enough to shut down the precip again, but enough to keep approaching weather systems quite weak after Sunday.   So you arctic air lovers will have to wait quite awhile.  We I feel more energetic next week we can discuss that in more detail (RE: Ashley’s comment in the previous post…I got exhausted just reading it my friend)

Speaking of Sunday…the deep low pressure looks impressive but:  1.  It moves very slowly along the coast, 2.  It is weakening as it approaches,  3.  It veers well north into Vancouver.  So I don’t expect strong inland winds with this one, just another round of rain.

Enjoy the New Year…Here’s to a good windstorm (65+ mph at PDX but nobody gets hurt), a big blast of arctic air in late January that gives us a high of 18 at PDX.  And a good 10" snowfall at 22 degrees.  See, I don’t ask for too much right?