Storm #4 Arrives

I’m surprised by the strength of the south winds arriving at Coos Bay this evening.  North Bend is gusting near 60…pretty rare for that spot.  They should spread quickly up the coast in the next few hours.  The actual low pressure center is far enough offshore that damaging winds (50+ mph gusts) are very unlikely inland.

A brief break the next couple of days and then another 2-3 waves move through Friday-Sunday.  We’ll watch each of these carefully for any signs of strong development or a track close enough to the coastline to bring high winds into the interior.

For you arctic air freaks (I mean that in an endearing way), still no sign in ANY long range model of cold air moving into the Northwest.  Looks like early January will see normal or slightly above normal temps.  Sorry kiddies…Mark

3 Responses to Storm #4 Arrives

  1. Andrew says:

    Driving on HW 30 this morning was a mess with all the water running across the street. You could see many waterfalls coming down the cliffs and even some minor mud slides. Looks like we never really got much of a wind storm, but we still have 2-3 more chances for a little something interesting 🙂 .
    By the way, one model that i really like to look at is hinting at maybe a chance of some colder air in about 2 weeks or so, say 32-35 degree high temps. If that were to come true, maybe at least areas a few hundred feet up around portland may see a little something.

  2. Ryan says:

    Such a shift from cold and dry to so wet and stormy. Looks like a back and forth winter for us. The prospects of no artic air for Janurary doesn’t bode well for another snow even in the area. Shame.

  3. Kirk says:

    Mark, Thanks for the update. Sincerely, Arctic Freak

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