Update: Wednesday Storm?

9pm:  00z MM5-UW model runs just in are quite a bit stronger for the Wednesday system.  Rapid deepening and moving in the preferred damaging windstorm track (well inside 130W) and a movement towards the tip of NW Washington definitely needs to be watched pretty closely.  If the GFS version is right I’d expect gusts to 80+ mph on far north coast and gusts to 50 mph north of PDX (Kelso to Olympia).  A slightly closer track would bring strong winds into the interior of Western Oregon.  We’ll see…

5 Responses to Update: Wednesday Storm?

  1. ryan says:

    first time reader will read again when i was little always into the weather and still fun to watch all the storms always wanted to chase hurricanes or something but that to crazy for my taste LOL good job mark:)

  2. David Tokar says:

    We are really gettin hammered now the wind is picking up just measured a 62mph gust at my home near Beverly Beach. the waves are huge!!!!!

  3. Bill Sandbo says:

    Just wondering if you have any thoughts about storm watching on the coast tomorrow (Wednesday) and later on this week with the storms rolling in. Perhaps in the future you could include some indications in the blog about storms that could potentially be good for watching big seas on the coast a day or two before they arrive. Thanks for the blog, its been really interesting to see the thought process and insight into the science behind the forecast that doesn’t get included in the broadcast.

  4. Grant L. says:

    Hey Derek, its nice to see more people getting into Meteorology. Now I have been studying windstorms for awhile now, when we get this type of pattern, almost anything can happen. Now the “Big One” I am gussing would come close to the Columbus Day storm. We use that storm to compare all the other wind storms, so thats what I assume when you use the “Big One.” As it looks, it will not come close to the big one anytime soon, but great chances to see decent wind all week long. Take Care!

  5. Derek says:

    I’ve been watching this very closely as a future meteorologist myself and I have definitely thinking we could have a wind storm so thanks for backing me up. Tonights storm appears to be deepening but I don’t know if we get a ton of wind out of this one. Thanks for keeping me updated I will be ready for “The Big One” if it comes.

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