Tropical Temps!

So close, but yet so far from warmth!

I’m on vacation now back in a frozen heck of a place (Corbett), but how about those temperatures on the Oregon Coast this morning?  If only we get our winds switched around to southerly at some point we’ll jump up close to 60.  I noticed Tillamook was 66 at daybreak before the wind went back to easterly.

The layer of cold air is only about 1,200′ deep now in the Western Valleys.  I live at 1,000′ and it’s finally up to 33 degrees and the ice is beginning to melt.  Last night’s drive was rough, but 2 years ago was much worse.  Maybe the worst was the 2 mile long line of trucks chaining up near Wood Village on the freeway. 

Also interesting this morning was the wind at TTD (Troutdale).  Check out this observation.

Notice how the wind sensor "broke free" from it’s ice at 2am?  Did any of us really believe it was only blowing 17 mph last night?  Turns out it was gusting close to 50 still.  In fact at one point yesterday evening all wind sensors at the west end of the Gorge and east metro were frozen up.   The PDX-DLS gradient was over 13 millibars though, which should have produced 70mph gusts east of TTD.

Okay…now I’m really on vacation…have a good Christmas!

7 Responses to Tropical Temps!

  1. Derek says:

    This isn’t really related but did you see this mornings storm?? At like 3:30 or 4:00AM there were very high winds. The highest gust was 65 to 70mph!!! It knocked down a ton of branches, big ones too. Our power was out for four hours and it was definitely the strongest winds I have seen in years. It was cool!!!

  2. Kirk says:

    Merry Christmas Mark, I like this blog I never knew there were other lowland snow lovers like me. I wait all year for November because thats when I figure we get our first chance of snow. I cant wait for it to cool off again. Mark when you get back could you let us know if any cold air might be on the way? Thanx!

  3. John_in_Corbett says:

    No winds no rain…rare occurrence in the Gorge…temp is 50.4 winds are 2-3 mph out of the se….I noticed the school station is still down in Corbett due to the flood in the school most likely.

  4. Derek says:

    The “tropical air” has been trying to work into my area today. This morning when i woke up it was 51 degrees. Then it cooled down to 42 for most of the day and at 4PM it suddenly went back up to 52 degrees. Weird.. Hey Ryan i saw that as well on but I have learned that usually if they put something in it fizzles out long before it gets here but we will see I guess. Occasionally it does happen though. I sure hope we get a big snow storm soon. I think we will!!

  5. Ryan says:

    Well maybe there is a little hope for us snow lovers. I remember earlier in the month someone mentioned a model that gave us an artic cool down for the beginning of the year. I was looking at and their extended forcast is showing a big cool down. By the 30th/31st they are calling for showers and highs around 42 with lows around 30. Maybe we have another new years storm on the way?

  6. Selma says:

    I miss snow we are back in the boring weather. It has gotten warm in fact too warm 54 degrees. I just hope for it to snow, i got already bored of the rain in Portland.

  7. Mike says:

    Hi Mark….
    We are perched out near the bluff in Troutdale…..and we think we have it bad! I can’t imagine what Corbett must have been like!
    Tues. morning at around 7:30 we had a gust that opened doors INSIDE the house!
    Soooo… any wind relief in site for us Gorge lovers?

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