Tropical Temps!

December 20, 2005

So close, but yet so far from warmth!

I’m on vacation now back in a frozen heck of a place (Corbett), but how about those temperatures on the Oregon Coast this morning?  If only we get our winds switched around to southerly at some point we’ll jump up close to 60.  I noticed Tillamook was 66 at daybreak before the wind went back to easterly.

The layer of cold air is only about 1,200′ deep now in the Western Valleys.  I live at 1,000′ and it’s finally up to 33 degrees and the ice is beginning to melt.  Last night’s drive was rough, but 2 years ago was much worse.  Maybe the worst was the 2 mile long line of trucks chaining up near Wood Village on the freeway. 

Also interesting this morning was the wind at TTD (Troutdale).  Check out this observation.

Notice how the wind sensor "broke free" from it’s ice at 2am?  Did any of us really believe it was only blowing 17 mph last night?  Turns out it was gusting close to 50 still.  In fact at one point yesterday evening all wind sensors at the west end of the Gorge and east metro were frozen up.   The PDX-DLS gradient was over 13 millibars though, which should have produced 70mph gusts east of TTD.

Okay…now I’m really on vacation…have a good Christmas!