And it Ends…11am

December 19, 2005

What a difference 2 degrees can make!  Over 3/4 of the metro area escaped any significant icing this morning.  It was really confined right around the entrance to the Gorge by 8am or so (Troutdale/Camas/Washougal).  During the morning rainfall, temperatures were right around 32-34 degrees from Hillsboro to Portland to Vancouver.  Obviously the "evaporative cooling" mentioned in my last post just didn’t drop the temperature more than a notch or two.

So I guess this ended up as the storm that was 2 hours early and 2 degrees too warm.  Ahh, the devil is in the details.

Of course temperatures aren’t exactly skyrocketing, that’s because the easterly flow continues…pressure gradients are still over 11 millibars through the Gorge at midday.  The only reason it’s warmer is the air over us has just warmed those few degrees.

An Ice Storm continues from Troutdale east into the Gorge through tomorrow morning.

The airmass above us is warm enough to support 55 degrees here in Portland (Newport hit 57 early this morning), but we have to wait until probably Wednesday to get temps well up into the 40’s.  No good south wind until that time.