Columbia Gorge Ice

I took these nice pictures this afternoon at Latourell Falls.  Those are the first falls you come to after Crown Point on the old scenic highway.  I highly recommend a visit this weekend if you get a chance.  Some winters it never gets this cold so the falls don’t always freeze.  I’m working on the forecast and will have a fresh entry this evening.Dscf0011_5 Dscf0010_4

4 Responses to Columbia Gorge Ice

  1. jennYt says:

    Is it true one time it got so cold in the Gorge that Multnomah Falls spray froze at the bottom, and got so thick, it began to move like a glacier? I’m not too surpised…I read the lodge is so tucked under the cliffs that the sunshine doesn’t even hit the building for three-four months out of the year. Some houses in Canyon City near John Day are like that too.

  2. Percy says:

    The freezing rain justed started falling about two minutes ago here in Tigard…. I thought there was something on the stove but it was the rain falling on the sky light…

  3. joe says:

    Great pix. On my first visit to Oregon in 1985, I was taken up to see Multnomah falls while it was well frozen. Very beautiful.
    Also, by any chance did I see a fireball/meteor heading N-NW last night, at about 9:55? It was moving so slow, with a long greenish trail stretching out behind it. I’ve seen several over the years, but this one was so amazing, I was very surprised not to see something about it on the news last night.

  4. Mokihana says:

    Great pics. Do you really think we’re going to get freezing rain on Monday? I hate to get a tire changeover for just one day. I also need to be able to get down our long, steep driveway on Monday!

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