Ice Storm Coming?

Cold the big story again tonight…a high of 33 at PDX under mostly sunny skies?   That’s cold!  PDX-DLS pressure gradient has eased slightly to 8.0 millibars this evening, so it’s windy eastside, but not extreme.  But just wait…a fresh surge of cold air slops over the Rockies and into Eastern WA/OR Friday night and Saturday as low pressure begins approaching from the west.  This should push the cross-Cascade gradient into the 12-14 millibar range as with past ice storm setups.  That would support damaging wind gusts possibly over 80 mph at the west end of the Gorge with temperatures this cold. 

ALL evening models show a trend to wetter/warmer after Saturday.  It’s a very similar pattern to the last 2 ice storms.  Moisture arrives later Sunday or as late as early Monday.  Either way it’ll be too warm above for snow, and should be cold enough for ice as far south as Salem in the valley.  The pattern also supports a VERY slow warmup as no south wind is forecast in the valley until Wednesday or maybe even Thursday.  Arrrghhh!  I WAS planning on having next week off.  I guess it’ll be fun in the weather center instead.  We’ll keep you updated with more details…until then stay warm!

As for Christmas?  We’ll be mild, and maybe wet.

6 Responses to Ice Storm Coming?

  1. muxpux says:

    you sday as far south as salem. how far north? us up here in longview have been shunned in the past when it comes to winter storms. your PDX’rs and your winds. while we dropped to 18 last night, i know from past experience that cold and icy/snowy in portland usually ends up as rain here. whats your take?

  2. Tony says:

    Theoreticaly speaking, those of you close to the west hills can see some snow if the winds kick up enough, I like to call it the ramp effect. This occurs when low level winds push against the hillsides and ride up. On normal occassion this could cause the upper level to warm, but since we are talking about inversion, this would do the opposite (to a degree). Of course it will depend on when the air starts mixing. But over a day of freezing rain….. Eeek. We don’t like that too much here on the eastside, hills everywhere. Well, time to bundle up, and forget about last minute shopping.

  3. Chris says:

    I hope the ice does not hit us, but the snow does. I have three kids at home that want the white stuff. I would prefer it after xmas break starts so I can still sleep in without having to get up and check weather reports to see if there is a delay or no school at all. Maybe it is me just wanting to be lazy. Ok it really is. In looking at the weather coming IF it does get all icy I hope ODOT is on top of it this time.

  4. Tyler says:

    Ya, if you read the forecast for the mountains, the snow level will be above 8 or 9 thousand feet. And the cold air will likely on be 2,000 feet deep…not quite deep enough for sleet. It’s already in the low 20s here in Vancouver, heading for the teens again tonight.

  5. Jordan says:

    This will be an exciting one It only got up to 34 here today in longview. Right know my therometer says 23.This will be an exciting weekend

  6. Sarah N. says:

    No Mark!!! Say it ain’t so!!! We don’t want ice! We want snow!
    Are you 100% sure at this point that it’ll be too warm aloft for snow? Other stations in the area are reporting a possibility of flurries as early as Sunday night but then again these stations were pretty much dead wrong last time around. I’m still hoping for snow though!

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