It’s Cold!

It’s Sunday, and though I’m technically not working right now…I just stepped outside and thought…wow!  It’s really cold out here!  At least the east wind dies down for the next 2 days, but then it’ll be back…sorry eastsiders!  Back to work with more weather musings for tomorrow.

3 Responses to It’s Cold!

  1. Rodney Garrison says:

    Looks like we are set up to have freezing rain at the end of the weekend as we transition out of this cold weather and east winds. When the warm wet front moves over the lower cold mass, does that cold mass have to be a certain thickness before the precipitation would be snow instead of freezing rain?

  2. jennyt says:

    It looks like a real cold spell out thisaway too (La Grande)…we haven’t been above freezing except one afternoon a just over a week ago…
    This time of year it must get downright depressing around Pendleton. They have one of the top ten foggiest airports in the country. When that cold air sinks down in the Columbia Basin and stays there with a stable stagnant weather pattern like it’s been–they can have freezing fog for days and days on end. It gets depressing just cresting over Cabbage Hill and looking down at the smothering fog below. I do have a great picture of a bright red barn in Weston, Oregon with rine coating the tall grass and trees and the fence around the place. Everything is white with freezing fog except the face of the big bright red barn! I took the photo about ten years ago when a digital camera with 2 megapixel power cost about $500!
    At least up here, the sun comes out and it’s not that bad. Just wear a big black trench coat, and let the sun heat you up!
    Up the road a few miles on the way from Weston/Athena to Elgin towards Tollgate/Spout Springs is a forest service sign with the arrow indicating the “forest fire danger today” (low/medium/high/extreme) and it’s a common practice for people to wait until there’s foot of snow on the ground and they move the arrow to “extreme” & take a picture of it. It graces many a Christmas card around these parts.

  3. Tyler says:

    Same here in Vancouver…the temp is actually dropping more quickly than last night. Down to almost 24 at 12:30. Beginning to look like it has snowed in the frosty areas in the shade. It has been building up for days and days now.

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