Local Forecasts

December 9, 2005

Slow weather time…so it’s time to answer a question or two.

I receive emails like this about once a week (I got 2 of these this week!)

"Here is a link to get current weather in XXXXXX County, which never seems to be on your weathercast.  It is currently -7.4 deg here"


"How come you never show a forecast for —–?"

So I conducted a little experiment last night (once again…a slow weather day eh?).  I watched the other 3 newscasts in PDX to see how many cities each station puts a forecast number up for.  What did I find?

KATU: 19    KGW:  27   KPTV: 33  KOIN: 16

KOIN has eliminated a few on the forecast maps and added a ticker on the bottom of the screen.  I didn’t count those cities or see if they overlap, so they have quite a few more.

Either way, KPTV gives more coverage to cities in our viewing area than any other station as far as I can tell.  When I started at KOIN in 1993, most stations gave maybe 15 cities at best.

As for "why don’t you give a forecast for my town?".  A little bit of inside information here:  We make our coverage choices based mainly on population.  83% of our viewers live between Longview and Salem within 30 miles of I-5.  I figure another 10% along the coastline, and 7% eastern Gorge and Eastern Oregon.  Bend/Redmond/Madras/Prineville is actually it’s own TV market so we don’t get credit for viewers there, our sister station KFXO in Bend does.  Of course those 33 forecast cities are spread all around the region, so we cover everyone, but can’t put every small town on the map.  We chose La Grande instead of Elgin…Tillamook instead of Manzanita.  But when there is interesting or severe weather, it doesn’t matter where you are, we’ll be watching the whole viewing area for you…Mark