Cold & Windy

December 7, 2005

That’s the story for the foreseeable future.  Looking back to November, we had the 9 day dry spell, then about 10 days of rain, now it’s back to a big blocking/splitting ridge of high pressure.  I think it’s quite likely that we won’t see rain through at least the end of NEXT week.

The big difference with this dry spell will be the temperatures.  Half the Columbia Basin east of the Cascades is snow-covered and that produces plenty of cold air that pools up eastside.  Of course the Gorge is the only near sea-level gap through the mountains, so where the air exits will be the coldest spot west of the Cascades the next few days  That would be the Portland Metro Area.  In this stable pattern, we won’t see highs in Portland rise above 44 degrees over the next 5+ days.

Sorry eastsiders!  This means a long spell of strong east wind that is about 10 degrees colder than the episode before Thanksgiving.  The good news is that Gorge waterfalls are beginning to ice up (barely got above freezing at Multnomah Falls today), and with sunshine the next few days…good picture-taking opportunities will abound.

The wind may die down slightly Thursday, then really ramp up Friday-Sunday.  I expect gusts to 70 mph again within the Gorge then.  Brrr!