Colder, But Icy?

December 5, 2005

Tough forecast coming up for Wednesday.  UW-MM5 model clearly shows much colder air streaming south into Eastern Washington and NE Oregon tonight and tomorrow.  Looks like the coldest airmass so far this early winter season.  Of course that piles up in the Columbia Basin and shoots through the Gorge (sorry eastsiders…another long spell of strong Gorge winds!).  The wind should spread across most of the city tomorrow.  The big problem…a weakening system slides by just to the south on Wednesday-Thursday AM.  Tonight’s fresh data says the moisture may slide by to the south too.  If not, we could easily get freezing rain east side of metro area.  I’m leaning towards dry for now since these "inside sliders" tend to end up drier than we expect (not always of course).  Either way, once that moves by we are in for quite a decent dry, windy, cool spell through at least the weekend.  And this time temperatures east of the Cascades are much colder and snow covers much more of the ground.  I love this weather, even though it’s boring, because we get crystal clear and cold skies.